Jan 14, 2019

Vjekoslav Knežević

Ceramide - Your Personal Doctor For Every Hair Emergency

You guys already know and love our flagship products - Cocochoco Brazilian keratin hair treatment right? We're thrilled to announce that great minds have been working extra hours in our labs so they could develop brilliant new products for you. Products, which are specially designed to maintain best results of COCOCHOCO Keratin Treatment as well as improve hair's appearance, repair lacking luster, damaged hair and to make you look and feel wonderful.

Cocochoco Ceramid leave in kreme 

One line of products we want to introduce to you (in case you don't already know) is Ceramide line. We're here to tell you exactly how the magic works:

1. Color Protect - Helps to reserve your freshly done, new hair color and prevents it from being drain and washed out. It's new formula composed of natural ingredients for hair restoration, helps against color fading while providing a silky touch and a healthy look.

Cocochoco ceramide color protect za zaštitu obojene kose

2.Volumizing – Adds more dimension to your hair, helps it look full and thick, but is still totally soft and touchable. Leaves your locks shiny, boosted, frizz-free.

Cocochoco Ceramid za volumen

3.Intenzivna obnova – Progressively repairing system for damaged hair. Restores hair's strength, prevents future breakage, nourishing and smoothing the hair.

Cocochoco ceramid za intenzivnu obnovu kose 

4.Leave in kreme – Cocochoco leave in kreme za volumen, ispucane vrhove i termalnu zaštitu 

In our special offer you can buy a set of products for cheaper prices than if you buy it individually. On our web page Cocochoco Croatia we are doing efforts to explain every single product in details for you to choose the best product for your hair. Cocochoco Ceramide line is well explained here. Cocochoco Ceramide line is an excellent choice if you both did or didn't do the Cocochoco keratin.

Koji ćete Ceramid danas odabrati? :)