Nov 22, 2018

Vjekoslav Knežević

Why Cocochoco after care products?

Clients often ask us about the sulphate-free shampoo, conditioners, masks for hair and other Keratin Cocochoco after care products. Which is better? What we recommend for a particular type of hair? And why to choose Cocochoco after care products besides of all the other products available on the market?

1.Why is it important to use Cocochoco series without sulphates?

Cocochoco shampoo and conditioner without sulphates are designed specifically for hair care after the Cocochoco keratin treatment. In this sense, they are only recommended for hair care after the treatment. Other sulphate free shampoos have not been tested as after care, so we can't say they are suited or not (some of them are good, while others will not). Many shampoos, although they do not contain sulphate, contain other ingredients that are not suitable as hair care after treatment and can very quickly wash away the keratin. Two to three weeks and the hair again becomes as it was before Cocochoco keratin treatment.

2.What is the most common mistake when buying after care shampoo?

The most common mistake that people make is that instead of sulphate-free shampoos they buy keratin shampoo, which is actually full of sulohate.

3.Price of Cocochoco after care products

Cocochoco hair care after keratin treatment may seem a bit expensive, but they actually prolong the duration of treatment and the effect will be longer. Of course, it's not possible to force someone to buy Cocochoco after care, but always in the salons you can inform customers everything they need to know, and give them a choice. If they choose to purchase after care from another manufacturer, you do not take responsibility if the treatment doesn't take as long as expected.

4.What to do if customer prefer cheaper options for after care?

To do Cocochoco keratin treatment for the hair and then use a cheap after care is like to buy a beautiful white dress and wash it with red socks. :) If someone is willing to pay for the treatment, should also be prepared to use regular after care.

5.What if the client uses the after care products from other manufacturers, and then comes to the salon with the problem?

You should not take into account the comments, if they do not use proper aftercare. You should only recommend specific Cocochoco after care products, otherwise you would constantly get complaints. We can't be responsible for every suplhate free shampoo on the market. Always explain this before treatment, so the client decides.


World-class scientists are working hard in Cocochoco laboratories in order to develop high-quality products to support Cocochoco keratin treatment the best possible way to ensure that our customers can enjoy healthy and beautiful hair because all we do - we make our customers look and feel beautiful. :)